...a door to the San Gorgonio Wilderness


Leave Scenic Highway 38 and continue up Mill Creek Canyon on Valley of the Falls Drive.  Gentle curves and majestic vistas introduce you to one of natures' wonderlands.  With precipitous Yucaipa Ridge to the south, the San Gorgonio Wilderness to the North, year round waterfalls, peaks, crags and a abundance of giant trees.  Many refer to Forest Falls as "Little Yosemite".


A residential resort community surrounded by a National Forest, Forest Falls has little room for growth, offers clean air, safe living and opportunity to experience 4 seasons and rediscover the beauty and diversity of nature.



4800 to 6200 feet

Around 1100 people year round

25" a year

20" lower canyon, 90" upper canyon

Summer:  82 and 60 nights, Winter:  40 days and 28 nights


Redlands/Yucaipa, 15-20 minutes.  San Bernardino, 30 minutes.  Riverside 55 minutes.  Palm Springs, 45 minutes, Los Angeles, 1.5 hours.




Due to the Red Flag events taking place the chipper crew has postponed the October 23rd start date and will plan on starting the ChipperDaze event on October 26th which extends your pile building deadline to the morning of the 26th.  Register your pile address no later than October 24th with an email to ChipMyPile@forestfalls.com or by calling (909) 794-2518 (leave a message with the pile address if you get an answer machine). 




Be one of the first to show off this years Haunt on the Hill t-shirt BEFORE the big event.  This local fundraiser is just weeks away and you have an opportunity to pre-order the size you'd like now!!! We will have t-shirts to sell the night of the event but can't guarantee we will have all the sizes available... ORDER NOW!!!   Contact Michelle Macri, (909) 794-6142 or at Michelle_Young14@yahoo.com as soon as possible.


Look forward to seeing you at the Ghost Town of Goblin Gulch.








Video Courtesy of David Dickinson

(March 2015)



Please remember that this is our home. 

Please respect it as you would like us to respect your home. 


  • Please put all trash in the trash cans furnished in the picnic area up at the end of Valley of the Falls Drive, or take it home with you.  This includes anything that you tote in to the area, like bottles, cans, trash, baby diapers, etc.  They pollute or creek and environment.

  • If the trash cans are full, don't leave the trash on the ground, take it home with you. 

  • Trash left on the ground or on the trails, draws bears, raccoons and other animals that you might not want to run in to while you enjoy our forest.

  • Don't graffiti our neighborhoods or forest.  Leave the forest natural for everyone to enjoy.

  • Follow all speed limits.  There are many hikers and bikers on the roads as well as the forest.  Our children also walk these roads.

  • Most importantly, pay attention to ALL the signs.  They're there for your protection.













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