Video Courtesy of David Dickinson

(March 2015)



Please remember that this is our home. 

Please respect it as you would like us to respect your home. 


  • Please put all trash in the trash cans furnished in the picnic area up at the end of Valley of the Falls Drive, or take it home with you.  This includes anything that you tote in to the area, like bottles, cans, trash, baby diapers, etc.  They pollute or creek and environment.

  • If the trash cans are full, don't leave the trash on the ground, take it home with you. 

  • Trash left on the ground or on the trails, draws bears, raccoons and other animals that you might not want to run in to while you enjoy our forest.

  • Don't graffiti our neighborhoods or forest.  Leave the forest natural for everyone to enjoy.

  • Follow all speed limits.  There are many hikers and bikers on the roads as well as the forest.  Our children also walk these roads.

  • Most importantly, pay attention to ALL the signs.  They're there for your protection.












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