Falls Picnic Area is located in a pine/cedar forest just above the community of Forest Falls.  Vivian Creek Trail to the San Gorgonio Wilderness starts here, and the Momyer Trailhead is nearby. Water system temporarily shut off for repairs/replacement.  Picnic tables and toilets are available.  Gas or propane BBQ's are allowed.  Charcoal BBQ's may not be allowed during periods of high fire danger.  Please call the Mill Creek Ranger Station for current conditions (909) 382-2883.


Black bears frequent this picnic area.  Please do not leave food or garbage unattended!  It is against the law to feed bears or other wildlife. 







San Gorgonio Campground - 34701 Mill Creek Rd, Mentone, CA  92359, 909-794-1123


Heart Bar Campground - Hwy 38 Forest Service Rd 1 No 2 Rd., San Bernardino, CA, 909-794-5071


The Vivian Creek Camp is at 7,100 feet.  Campsites are located upslope to the right of the trail after reaching the stream.  No camping within 200 feet of the trail or creek.  Always be sure to check the weather conditions on the mountain before starting your hike or planning a camp out.  Weather changes quickly in the mountains, even in the summer.  The San Gorgonio Wilderness Association has the most up to date information on this area.  See the link below for more information on camping in this area. 


Trails of the San Gorgonio Wilderness








Big Falls Trail is a .3 mile trail located in Forest Falls, California that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult.  The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until September. 


The trailhead is reached by turning east off Highway 38 to Valley of the Falls Road in Forest Falls. Continue through the community to the top end of the road. Big Falls trailhead will be the first main parking lot on the left, immediately before the picnic area. Walk down the creek area about 5 minutes, then cross the wash (it is not recommended to cross when the water flow is high or when thunderstorms are predicted) and go up the trail about one tenth of a mile to the waterfall overlook. This area provides an excellent view of one of the tallest waterfalls in southern California.


Do not hike/climb past the overlook!  It is very dangerous because

of the loose, slippery, and steep terrain.


Please protect our Wildlife and Forests by removing

your trash when you leave.


San Gorgonio Wilderness Trail is located near Forest Falls, California and offers the chance to see wildlife.  The trail is accessible year-round.



See the link below for more information on trail conditions, water availability, Wilderness Ethics, Adventure Passes and Wilderness Permits for this area. 


Trails of the San Gorgonio Wilderness


History of the San Gorgonio Wilderness and SGWA


Bears in the San Gorgonio Wilderness


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by Warren Peters

Courtesy of Mountain C.A.R.E and the Bear Facts


Never Underestimate the Power of Women.  Just consider our early pioneers as they came from the more sophisticated east to our fertile but more primitive San Bernardino Valleys. The women came along to the western frontier, if perhaps somewhat reluctantly. The rough hewn log homes were just that, rough.  What I really, really want is plaster for the inside of our home.  Well that request can move the heart of any man, who really wants to impress the woman of his dreams. And she has given up a lot to move away from her family and friends in the East. Plaster - where can we find limestone? An enterprising group of men had heard that there was a deposit of white stone in the upper reaches of the Millcreek system. Mine the rock from an open pit, supply the mine site with water, create a road to get the rock down to the valley, all of this requires a lot of work.

You can relive this episode of our history by starting at our picnic area. Follow US Forest Service road through the cabin area and procede past the trail head for Vivian trail to San Gorgonio. When you stay on the south side of the creek, you are actually following the remnants of the old ore road. The road has since been washed out by the first system off the Yucaipa Ridge that Jeanne and I named Scarpa after our wonderful Italian hiking boots. Later we learned that scarpa just means shoe. No big deal. (This is a great system to follow on another day. Very dynamic and the west fork has a spring). Next, you will encounter a system off the San Bernardino ridge side. It has a lot of salmon colored stone.  (ergo, we named this one Salmon Shute. (If you climb this one, you will get to the midway trail section of the San Gorgonio route between Vivian Creek Meadows and High Creek). But continue on the north side of the creek and soon you will see a lot of Alder trees, indicating springs. Some of the road remnants are here as well. About 30 minutes later, keep your eyes to the left and you will start seeing evidence of road and excavations with remnants of pipe, dimension lumber and some iron remnants of machinery.  Now you will have to go north up slope on your own, searching for the open mine itself. Follow your instincts as though you were one of the hapless but enterprising men that made this all happen in the  name of adventure and love. And for you women, who make this trek, just enjoy the reality of exploration and making things better.  (Allow 4-5 hrs for a nice round-trip).

PS. All of this happened because no one noted that there was a huge deposit of lime right under their noses in the middle of the San Bernardino valley. You can see the mountain that is disappearing along the 10 freeway.










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