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Mountain C.A.R.E is a non-profit community-based organization located in Forest Falls California.  We are a group of volunteers that came together in early 1990 to arrange an Earth Day activity.  Our articles state that "We are to educate the general public about environmental concerns and the need to restore and preserve the environment for future generations."


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Encourage the community to recycle,

enhance knowledge of the area,

and demonstrate pride

by keeping personal property

and community areas

clean and beautiful.

We have put together a simple, easy to use information packet. 

The following documents are resources to help you transition into mountain living. 

Get to know your community and neighbors. 

Be prepared and remember knowledge is power.


Acceptable Recyclables

C.E.R.T. News

Forest Falls S.T.A.R. Map

Help Keep Our Bears Wild

Helpful Numbers

Keep Me Wild

San Bernardino County Family Disaster Plan




To make online donations to Mountain C.A.R.E. and Bear Facts Subscription Renewals, click here


The Bear Facts is a newspaper published locally in Forest Falls California and is distributed to Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village and Angelus Oaks Communities.  Find information on local events, articles on environmental issues and support your local community businesses.


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