Living with Wildlife in Forest Falls


In Forest Falls we live in lion, bear, raccoon and coyote country and there is a possibility that you may encounter one of these animals.  The following precautions will help us live in harmony with the wildlife and possibly prevent a confrontation:


  1. Children should not play outdoors alone and should always come inside before dusk.  Most of our dangerous animals come out at night, but they are seen during the day occasionally.

  2. Make noise when you walk or hike, especially from dusk to dawn, to avoid surprising a lion or a bear.

  3. Never approach a bear or it's cubs, a lion kill or a feeding lion.

  4. Make sure pets and pet food are inside at night.  A pet enclosure may be used if completely enclosed.  Chaining a pet is not recommended.  Outdoor cats have very short life expectancies in Forest Falls.

  5. Never feed wild animals, especially deer and raccoons, or encourage them to come into your yard.  Deer are the mountain lion's primary prey.

  6. Raccoons can be very dangerous animals also.  Never approach one.  They have very sharp claws that can seriously injure you or your pets.












Bears in the San Gorgonio Wilderness











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